Renting to Own Double Wide Trailers: Is It Worth It?

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Are you feeling the squeeze that comes with trying to provide for your family within a tight budget? Have you ever found yourself dreaming up ways to become a property owner without breaking the bank? Then you are in the right spot.

Today we’re going to chat about renting to own double wide trailers, an interesting choice amongst mobile homes. Yes, you heard that right, a solution that marries the temporary nature of renting with the eventual security of ownership. And guess what?

Double wide trailers are surprisingly spacious and comfy. Imagine your own cozy abode, exactly where you want it, without a colossal mortgage hanging over your head.. But why a double-wide trailer, you ask? Why not spring for a traditional home if we’re talking about ownership here? 

Hang tight folks, it’s going to be a riveting and enlightening journey. And who knows, by the end, you may even find yourself eager to explore the world of rent to own double wide trailers, just like I did.

What is Rent to Own and How Does it Work with Mobile Homes?

Time to dive into what this whole ‘rent to own’ concept is all about. You see, it’s kind of like a rental agreement and a purchase contract all rolled into one neat little package. 

‘Rent to own’, often referred to as ‘lease to own’ or ‘lease purchase’, allows you to rent a home but also gives you the option to purchase it before the lease expires.

Now, how does this apply to mobile homes in general, and double wide trailers specifically? Let’s break it down. 

  1. Selection and Payment: To start, you’d choose a mobile home. This could be one that’s already on a lot or a double wide trailer that needs to be transported. You’d then agree on a rental amount and purchase price that works for both you and the owner.
  2. Lease Agreement: Next, a lease agreement is signed. This outlines the lease period and how much you’ll be paying each month in rent.
  3. Option to Buy: Here’s where it gets intriguing. In addition to renting, you also have an option to buy the mobile home within the lease period. This could be a double wide trailer if that’s what tickles your fancy. The cost would be in adherence to the agreed-upon purchase price.
  4. Ownership: If you decide to go ahead and buy, then congrats! You now own the mobile home. If not, or if you’re unable to secure a mortgage, then the lease just continues per usual till the term ends, no harm done.

ℹ️ A number of companies offer online listings and some even allow you to take a tour of that nifty double wide you’ve got your eyes on. How to go about it, you ask? Simply fill out a request form, sit tight, and wait to be contacted! An easy peasy process, wouldn’t you say?

Why Choose a Double Wide Trailer?

Well, now that you have an understanding of what ‘rent-to-own’ is all about, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the double wide trailer. So, what exactly is it? 

A double wide trailer, also considered a mobile home, is basically a pre-made building that is delivered to a site and assembled. They’re built in factories – pretty cool, huh? These trailers are large, as they are made of two separate units merged together to form a larger living space.

Curious about why you should consider double wide trailers over the single ones? Well, let’s break it down! 

Advantages of Double Wide Trailers: 

  • Space: More space is one of the most significant benefits of double wide trailers. With two sections merged together, you have ample room for all your needs – more bedrooms, bigger living spaces, and more storage. An absolute win, wouldn’t you agree??
  • Flexible Layouts: Double wide trailers provide the opportunity to customize and adjust the layout to suit your lifestyle. Want a home office? You got it! Need a kids’ playroom? No problem!
  • Value: With the additional space and design possibilities, double wide trailers tend to hold their value better than single wide trailers. If cared for correctly, they can be a solid investment for the long term.

Disadvantages of Double Wide Trailers: 

Even though double wide trailers are awesome in so many ways, they do come with some disadvantages you need to consider. As your friend, I feel responsible to bring to your attention some of these drawbacks. Let’s spill the beans! 

  • Cost: Double wide trailers often come with a higher price tag compared with other mobile homes. Damn right, you’re getting more space. Heck, they’re almost twice as wide! But remember, more space means more money leaving your pocket.
  • Moving Challenges: Double wide trailers, in their majestic size, can be a real pain when it comes to relocation. Picture this, you’re chilling in your comfy trailer when suddenly you have to move. You’ll need the help of professionals and that’s gonna cost you a pretty penny, my friend.
  • Financing Difficulties: Securing financing for these homes can be tougher than trying to convince your child to eat his veggies. Given the higher price, lenders often see these trailers as risky investments. Sound unfair, right? But that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Aspects to Consider When Opting for a Rent-to-Own Double Wide Trailer: 

While the idea of such an option may sound enticing, this is still a big decision to make. Here are some aspetcs you might want to think through: 

  1. Understand the Contract: Ensure you fully comprehend the terms of your rent-to-own agreement. Know your responsibilities as well as your rights, and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.
  2. Location: Once a double wide trailer is set up, it’s difficult (not to mention costly!) to move. Make sure you’re happy with the location before you sign anything.
  3. Inspect the Trailer: Just as you would with any other property, make sure to inspect the trailer thoroughly. Any current problems might become yours in the future so be sure you get what you are paying for.

How to find one

Okay, so you’re convinced. Renting to own a double wide trailer is the way to go. But where on earth can you find them? Glad you asked, my friend! You might be pleasantly surprised to know how many options are available if you know where to look. 

See, the trick is to start local. Look for realty agencies in your area that list mobile homes. This is usually a great starting point. They may not advertise rent-to-own options outright, but when you start a conversation with them, they might be able to guide you to where you can find such arrangements. 

Don’t forget about the power of the internet! Websites like Zillow, Craigslist, and MHVillage are fantastic resources for finding rent-to-own houses, particularly double wide trailers. These sites even help you filter based on size, price range, and location, making your search a whole lot easier. 

  • Zillow: This is one of the most comprehensive property listing sites for all types of homes, including mobile ones. They have an extensive database that covers nearly all parts of the country.
  • Craigslist: While the option to search specific types of properties isn’t as refined as Zillow, by entering ‘double wide trailer’ in the search bar, you may find people looking to enter into rent-to-own contracts.
  • MHVillage: This site specializes in mobile homes, so it’s a fantastic place to look for rent-to-own double wide trailers.

Remember, patience is key here. Sure, you may need to sift through listings and make a lot of calls or send many emails. And, yeah, not every conversation will lead to the jackpot. But that’s okay. Find solace in knowing each contact is pulling you closer to your dream home. 

And don’t discount word of mouth, either. Talking to people in your community or sparking up a conversation at the local grocery store could lead to discovering opportunities right in your backyard.

After all, people who’ve walked the road you’re about to embark upon are going to have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. 

Look around. Do the leg work. Invest the time. The perfect rent to own double wide trailer is out there just waiting for you to find it. So, keep at it. This process might be tedious at times, but I assure you, it’s going to be worth it.

Proceeding and Closing a Confirmed Deal 

Alright, so you’re ready to dive into the world of double wide trailers – pretty exciting, huh? Here’s a simple guide on how to navigate this process. 

First off, make sure to get everything in writing. Verbal agreements can sound great, but they’re not worth much without tangible, inked proof. So, write down every single detail of your agreement. This is a crucial first step. 

Don’t hesitate to involve an expert—a property inspector—if need be. It’s an excellent idea, especially if you’re entering this market for the first time. We don’t expect you to be a property whiz-kid or a trailer guru. You’re here to learn, right? So, take advantage of professionals who can help ensure your dream double-wide comes without any hidden nightmares.

Things to include in your rent-to-own contract: the option fee, purchase price, monthly rent, the double wide’s size and location, any improvements made by previous owners, and a clear expiry term. Sound like a lot? Hang in there! You’re doing just fine.

And believe us, the last thing you want is a surprise party featuring unforeseen issues in the future. You’ve got this!

Your Rights and Responsibilities in a Rent to Own Double Wide Trailer Agreement

When living in a rent to own double wide trailer, you should be mindful of a few specific points. Here are the elements I think are the most important:

Respect the Payment Dates 

Alright, this one goes without saying, but it’s so important that we can’t leave it out: always follow through with your payments. It’s like the heart that keeps the whole thing running. If you can show that you’re dependable, it could ease future transactions and negotiations with the seller. Trust me, life is a lot smoother when you’re on time with this stuff. 


Just like in life, there are penalties for not sticking to the rules of your agreement. These sanctions can make a serious dent in your pocket. So always ask yourself, ‘Is what I’m about to do going to incur penalties?’ 

Option Fee 

You can think of the option fee as a sort of “down-payment” on your future home. It’s paid upfront, upon signing the contract. Now, the key here is to understand that the option fee often goes towards the purchase price of the double-wide if you decide to buy. So, in essence, it’s like saving for your dream home before you’ve officially made it yours. 

Maintaining Your Unit 

Raises eyebrows, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. You’re responsible for the maintenance of your unit. That’s the leaks, the lawn, the cracks and colors. Your agreement might even specify particular maintenance requirements, so be sure to read the fine print. 

Note: Don’t shirk your maintenance duties. Remember, this could very well become your permanent residence. A stitch in time saves nine!

Wrapping Things Up 

Well, we’ve made it! Got all the goods on renting to own double wide trailers, don’t we? No need to feel like a beginner anymore. We’ve embarked on quite the expedition, and I sincerely hope you’ve gleaned a nugget or two of wisdom! 

Keep in mind, it’s not all about how heavy your pocketbook might be, but the decisions you are bold enough to make.

An honest-to-goodness home is well within your grasp. Rent-to-own double wide trailers gift you the chance to step onto the path of homeownership, regardless of the financial hurdles you may be lugging around. And folks, that’s a victory, wouldn’t you say? 

“Life’s richness doesn’t come from what’s in our wallets, but the joy we find in what we have. That’s what brings true happiness.” – Charles Spurgeon

And with that tidbit rattling around in our minds, here’s to making the most beneficial choices for your future and your family’s! Here’s to discovering joy within the confines of your own dwelling! How about a toast to that?

Until we cross paths again, my friend. Keep soaking up knowledge, keep nurturing your dreams, and above all, keep holding onto the belief that a brighter future is within reach!

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